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Time well spent...

Ken Wood and Tim Sewell

About Us

Someone once famously said

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got”

In many ways recruitment is exactly the same and more and more organisations are starting to realise that, in order to source and attract the talent they need, they must move away from the established same old same old approach of some recruiters.

This is one of the reasons Tim Sewell and Ken Wood got together to form Sewell & Wood.

Tim knew from his experience as a Housing Association Chief Executive that there is a tendency for organisations to use some recruiters because they feel they are the only ones to use even though their experience of their service is not always up to expectations. Ken also recognised, as a seasoned recruiter and from his experience in local government, that the service provided by some recruiters was far from what he himself would expect nor indeed would contemplate delivering.

Since their formation, Sewell & Wood have demonstrated that in trusting them with their recruitment assignments, busy organisations can depend on them to come up with the best selection of talent, talent put together to suit the needs of clients as opposed to the agencies needs.

The in-depth knowledge that Sewell & Wood bring allows them access to the most senior of personnel and enables them to build the rapport, both with clients and applicants alike, that results in successful outcomes.

...Time Well Spent...

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